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Mo Baala

Born in 1986 in Casablanca. Lives and works between Marrakech and Taroudant. The school of life, reading, cinema, music, meetings, philosophy, traditional arts and handicrafts from Morocco, Africa and elsewhere ... His childhood and youth in the heart of the souks & bazaars of his city: Taroudant, followed later by those of Marrakech and of course his great walks across Morocco have formed the essence of his intensive artistic and creative education. Mo Baala uses drawing, painting, graffiti and collage in a non-discriminatory way. He creates installations, in which he performs poetic and musical performances, he practices land art, sculpture, explores photography, is an adept of action painting, street art and frescoes; recycling, music and poetry occupy a prime place in his artistic practice ... Since February 2016 and his dazzling emergence on the art scene on the occasion of the MB6 Marrakech Biennale 6, with 2 partner projects, Mo Baala has participated in many exhibitions and international art fairs.

2018 : « Second Life » Exposition collective, Macaal – Marrakech, Maroc.
"Parlez-moi d'Aimance" Collective exhibition, Gallery 127, Le Pangolin - Marseille, France.
2017 : « AKAA, Also Known as Africa », Galerie 127 – Paris, France.
"The Others Art Fair", Where is my house? multimedia installation commissioned for The Others SPECIFIC, with The KE'CH Collective - Turin, Italy.
1:54, With Gallery 127 - London, U.K.
"Pareidolia 4", Official Hors les murs solo show with Galerie 127, Le Pangolin - Marseille, France.
Flash Generation" exhibition at the Fondation Alliances, curated by Younès Baba-Ali (Limiditi Temporary Art Projects) and Meriem Berrada (Fondation Alliances) - Casablanca, Morocco.
Exposition individuelle « Be Your Heart », Comptoir des Mines Galerie – Marrakech, Maroc.
Showcase at Atlas Electronic 2017 - Marrakech, Morocco.
"Connectivity", 18 Derb Ferrane - Marrakech, Morocco
"Contemporary Moroccan Art II" auction by the CMOOA, Es Saadi Palace - Marrakech, Morocco.
"Heroes - Anti-Heroes, extraordinary characters", Comptoir des Mines Gallery - Marrakech, Morocco.
"Documenta 14", sound art creation for Saout Radio (Web-radio on contemporary audible art, founded in Morocco in 2012 by Younes Baba-Ali and Anna Raimondo) - Kassel, Germany.
2016 : « نحن – We – Nous », Galerie 127 – Marrakech, Maroc.
"Dreaming the Land Dreaming Us" curated by Mint Works, Riad El Fenn - Marrakech, Morocco.
"Dreaming the Land Dreaming Us" with Mint Works on the occasion of COP22 - Marrakech, Morocco.
"AKAA Also Known As Africa " Contemporary art and design fair, with Galerie 127 - Paris, France.
"The Others Art Fair, I'M YOU AND NOTHING, In situ textile installation and performance with the KE'CH collective, In The Others Exhibition
"The Others Art Fair" with Atla(s)Now, Sosta temporanea, curated by Angelo Bellobono - Turin, Italy.
YIA ARTFAIR #7, with Galerie 127 - Paris, France.
"Contemporary Moroccan Art I" auction by CMOOA, Es Saadi Palace - Marrakech, Morocco.
Baala+Belli " I have life, yes I have ", Galerie 127, 6th edition of the Marrakech Biennale, Morocco.
"F*CKING FAIRYTALES", Ke'Ch Collective - Marrakech Biennale 6, partner project SWAP 2016 'Laboratoire de la Mondialité' curated by Mia Odermatt - Marrakech, Morocco

2017 : « Atlasnow project », AiR, Oukaimeden – Marrakech, Maroc.
2016 : AiR @ The KE’CH Collective – Marrakech, Maroc (3 Mois)

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