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Le Comptoir des Mines Galerie


Art space

Founded by Hicham Daoudi in 2016, Comptoir des Mines Galerie is today an atypical place which has gained appreciation and recognition on both national and international art scene thanks to its inimitable building, its artistic programme and its presence.

Listed many times on national and international papers among the places to visit in Marrakech, Comptoir des Mines Galerie stays a one-of-a-kind experience.

The 1'500 sqm space loved by art, architecture aficionados, nationals and foreigners, hosts numerous events throughout the year including vernissages, exhibitions, private visits, collectors and vip events, corporate and private privatisation. From having housed an “off” of Marrakech Biennale in 2016, it became a place to meet, discover and celebrate.

The building

Built in 1932, the building was the headquarters of a “Comptoir des Mines”, a mining company. The company used to house its overall activity including offices, apartments and storages allocated in between the hangar and the main building.

Recognizable by its timeless and unmistakable art-deco style, this 30s styled architecture is two wings building, accessible by one main entrance and joining on the rooftop terrace, now part of the city's historic heritage.

Refurbished following its original art-deco style, the details lay in terrazzo floors, chandeliers, doors, and furniture. At the entrance, the large "CM" written in golden mosaic - initials of the historical company Comptoir des Mines, underlining one of our core value: authenticity.

Main building

The Hangar

The rooftop

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