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Marrakech – Casablanca, le Comptoir des Mines hors les murs

Mohammed Kacimi, Mustapha Akrim, Mohamed Arejdal, Fatiha Zemmouri, Simohammed Fettaka, Loutfi Souidi, Khadija Jayi, Reda Boudina

13 — 23 September 2022

CMOOA, Casablanca

The Comptoir des Mines Gallery has, since its creation, wanted to be part of the great social and artistic upheavals of its time to accompany many artists to realize ambitious projects or large-scale exhibitions that would show the plurality of opinions and practices in Morocco.

After six years of activity, the Comptoir des Mines Galerie experience has gained international legitimacy, and we are proud to see it cited as a reference space on the African continent and in the MENA region.

The "Le Pain Nu" project, which paid tribute to Mohamed Choukri during the Art Dubai 2022 fair, has also enabled several artists collaborating with us to gain access to major institutional collections in the Arab world.

The artists with whom we collaborate often inform us through their research on divisive issues that cut across certain sectors of society and that we struggle to see or understand at their true value from large urban centers.

Today, before starting our new program with the exhibition of Mouhcine Rahaoui at the end of September in Marrakech, we wanted to "Return to Casablanca" to present the highlights of our previous season and unveil research by Mohammed Kacimi, Fatiha Zemmouri, Simmohamed Fettaka, Mohamed Arejdal, Khadija Jayi, Loutfi Souidi, Réda Boudina and Mustapha Akrim.

The "Comptoir des Mines Hors les Murs" exhibition will attempt to bring audiences closer to the subjects and individual practices of each of these artists, but also to convey the spirit of our art space to those who do not yet know it.

Hicham Daoudi

Works – Views from the exhibition:

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